Fabric Insights

At Nihsamah, we believe in the might of ease and nothing can surpass the smoothness and airiness of 100% cotton fabric when it comes to nightwear. Here is why you should consider using cotton as your ultimate option for nighttime outfits.
1. Durable and Breathable: One thing that stands out about cotton is its breathability which allows air to pass freely through the material thereby ensuring that one remains cool and cozy throughout the night while sleeping. In addition to this, cotton is very robust therefore can survive being washed regularly yet still maintains its quality.

2. Premium Fabric: We choose our fabrics with quality in mind. Therefore, we only use high-quality cotton that produces silky soft luxurious sleepwear as a result of which our customers have an opportunity to feel real difference by purchasing Nihsamah products.

3. Allergen-Free: Cotton is a must-have for those who have delicate skin or suffer from allergies. Being a natural fiber, cotton is hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin thus reducing chances of irritation or allergic reactions taking place on one’s body. Replace all discomforting elements with peaceful nights accompanied by our hypo-allergic night dresses made of cotton.

4.Skin-Friendly: Comfort means all after all, especially when we are talking about sleep wear – And this is where cotton stands tall among others. The 100% pure cotton night wears are friendly to your skin making it feel soft and silky against your body always. Embrace the luxury comfort found in this gift of nature as you take your time off in them now