behind-the-scenes journey



Welcome to Nihsamah’s behind-the-scenes journey, where we invite you to take a sneak peek behind the scene and find out about how our nightwear collection comes into being. Join us as we share with you the secrets, influences and dedication that are at the core of our brand.

1. From Concept to Creation: Walk into our design studio and watch creativity unfold before your eyes. Our team of talented designers, however, spends countless days on turning ideas into sketches for every original piece drawing inspiration from art works, nature and recent fashion trends.

2. Fabric Selection: The journey towards the creation of the perfect sleepwear ensemble begins in the selection of high-quality materials. Go with us around the world in search of class materials that ensure both comfort and style throughout our designs. Each fabric is carefully picked out from luxurious cottons to silky satins so as to guarantee absolute gentleness and durability.

3. Crafting Each Piece: See for yourself how diligently Nihsamah nightwear is made with expertise. It is not only about pattern-making but also stitching; employing skilled craftsmen who bring every design to reality by paying attention to accuracy within fine details . Experience what goes into making a dress that not just looks stunning but feels magnificent when somebody puts it on.

4. Quality Assurance: At Nihsamah, nothing matters more than quality control since it is one thing that has contributed significantly towards our success over several years now- join us on this journey!


Fabric Insights