We're on a mission to bring a little more comfort and style into the lives of Indian women. Born out of a desire to fill a glaring gap in the market, Nihsamah offers high-quality, thoughtfully designed nightwear and sleepwear that’s genuinely affordable.


In a market dominated by unorganized segments, where quality often takes a backseat, we saw an opportunity to make a difference. At Nihsamah, we believe that every woman deserves to end her day in comfort without compromising on style—whether she's winding down after a busy day or simply enjoying a lazy Sunday at home.


Our products are crafted with care, using soft, non-toxic fabrics that feel like a second skin, designed to ensure a peaceful sleep and cozy comfort during the day. Our designs reflect the vibrant and diverse lives of Indian women—homemakers and professionals alike—blending traditional aesthetics with contemporary fashion to create pieces that are both practical and beautiful.


At Nihsamah, we're more than just a brand. We're a community that celebrates the strength and spirit of women everywhere. Join us in redefining comfort at home, one beautiful piece of nightwear at a time.